Friday, October 30, 2009

As the Weather Changes

The days are getting more bearable. Time to get all the outdoor stuff organised again. A few weeks ago we made a trip to dubai and bought a great new swing for 4yr old. So now 1yr old and 4yr old can swing at the same time. Makes life much easier. We made a great soccer (football) goal post out of pvc pipe and when we were on holidays in australia found some netting. Now to put the netting on and get the soccer ball out.

The garden is looking a little better as we got our old gardener back and he's cleaned the place up after the other gardener let it grow into a mess. Flowers are growing and grass is looking good again.

The pool is a nice temp now - not like hot bath water anymore and even feels a bit cool in the evening. But so nice to just walk out the back door and get into the pool! 1yr old looooves the water!

1yr old also looooves to be outside - sooo glad it is getting cooler, as his persistent going to the door and saying pa pa pa (play), often leading to crying is getting a little too much.

Don't want to complain as we have like the best house compared to what we could have here! But our next house definitely has to have a patio area where the kids can play safely, while I can still be sitting inside. Our townhouse has a fully enclosed small courtyard area leading directly out from the lounge room - would be soo convenient - BUT we can't live there... so I need to stop dreaming. On that matter we are still looking for tenants but hopefully this week.

Have a few silver custom orders to make - a ring, some tags, a few bangles so off to finish making them today. Preparing for my next sale and trying to get more glass beads made, not to mention trying out my kiln with clay which I still haven't got around to doing.

OH plus 1 unhappy child with 4 back teeth coming through all at once!