Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Kiln

About time I actually put a pic of my kiln up...

So here it is Paragon Caldera with Bead Collar added, so I can make my glass beads.

It really is a great little kiln for lampwork bead making. I haven't had the time to test it with clay yet. I really need to make the time to do it!

PACKING PACKING and repacking for Europe - traveling with 2 kids to a cold place certainly requires a lot more clothing than previously estimated. We have certainly spent a lot of money buying a lot of jumpers and tracksuit pants that will only be used for possibly the next 3 weeks in the cold. (Well there is always Australia in June - but that's if it is cold AND if they haven't grown out of them - which my second child seems to be doing faster than his older brother did. Maybe he is going to have his father's height!)

I am starting to get excited!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



Ok so my husband got the job and next June we will sadly be leaving Oman. Home to Australia for a few weeks then to Singapore in August to start our new life there....

I am EXCITED BUT i think because it is soo long till we move that a little of the excitement is gone as the waiting has set in...

What can I do. Too early to pack or organise anything really. Go on living life like normal - but no. Every time I have been shopping the last couple of weeks I think NO shouldn't buy that or wouldn't the kids love that - NO - cause I HAVE to downsize.

So the camping stuff is pretty much sold. Did that today. Yesterday I sorted out under the stairs and now have a room with stuff to sell in it - lots of baby stuff etc that we don't need to take with us. Then only the stuff we intend to keep went back under the stairs.

Crazy you are probably thinking - BUT this time I figure if I do little by little it won't be such a burden to sell all the things we don't want to take with us at the end just before we send off our shipping. When we moved here from Germany I only had a couple of weeks and that was not fun.

Don't get me wrong though we are not living in a half packed up house for the next few months. All I am doing is getting rid of the excess (and we have way too much stuff that we don't use) so I don't have as much to sell at the last minute.

BUT next week we are off to Europe for a 3 wk holiday. A cold winter YEEES! Don't know how I feel about it yet but anyway... have pulled all our winter clothing out and bought heaps more for the 2 boys. My youngest has never experienced COLD and oldest who was born in Germany does not really remember what COLD is like either. So it is going to be an adventure. After a 45 degree + summer here it is going to be fun. My brother is also living in the UK now and will be great to visit him.

OH BUT I AM REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO CHRISTMAS IN EUROPE - a white Christmas would really be nice!