Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And the story goes on...

I wasn't going to comment on this at all... But after reading the following article I continue to be annoyed by this "hot" topic.


Now of course Dr Phill is involved!!
"McGraw became involved in discussions between Suleman and Angels in Waiting after she confided to him fears of not being allowed to take her newborns home from the hospital until she could prove she had the means to care for the infants."
Is anyone else not annoyed by the fact that doctors should never have implanted that many embryos, knowing that it would be impossible for her to care for all her children?
"But Suleman become a lightning rod for public ridicule after it was learned that she already was a divorced, jobless mother of six living with her parents on food stamps when she became pregnant with octuplets through in vitro fertilizationon."
"A statement from his nationally syndicated TV show, "Dr. Phil," said the nonprofit agency "initially will be providing around-the-clock services of skilled neonatal intensive care nurses who specialize in premature infant developmental care."

What parents wouldn't LOVE to have a neonatal nurse available 24/7 after having a premi-baby!! Having faced having a premi baby myself the option of a nurse would have been nice. Understandably she has not 1 but 8 premi babies to deal with. But it just astonishes me that she did not contemplate these things before going ahead with this. I certainly wouldn't want this for my children and I LOVE the fact that each of my children have had 1 on 1.

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