Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well tonight we head off on our holiday. I have gotten to the point where I have flown soo much that I HATE flying. It's not that its bad (both kids are excellent fliers) it's more the effort, time and zombie feeling after, that I have started to dislike. WHY does Australia have to be so far away....

WELL this time we have done the sensible thing and broken our trip up - previously we would make the mad dash home and straight through - CRAZY. Now we are going to spend 4 nights in Bangkok. Enough time for shopping - stock up on clothes and me to stock up on silver and beads. PLUS adjust to time zones! Not that we have ever really suffered jet lag - we do the sensible thing and stay awake all day as most of the flights we take have arrived in the morning. Then go to bed early that night get a good nights sleep and wake up ok the next day. So far so good and we've been doing that for 6 years.

So we leave at 1:45 in the morning - yes a night flight horrible time to leave - would love it if it was earlier cause the kids get disturbed - BUT this flight is our best option direct to BKK. I am hoping the kids will sleep - they did last time we took this flight to BKK. Have to get a taxi at 11pm tonight - we hope that the taxi driver will turn up and with a bigger car like we requested (nothing is guaranteed here even though we have booked it).

So off to finish packing. We still have a couple of runaround things to do this afternoon. Then maybe a rest (ha ha!)....

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