Friday, September 4, 2009


Our new townhouse is built and we are about 1 week away from getting the keys... Insha'Allah!

It has been a battle right from the first moment we decided to invest... everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Not with the building of it but of course with the bank! I won't go into details now I am too angry.

UNFORTUNATELY we will NOT get to live in it at this point...for 1 we have soo much stuff we wouldn't fit:-)
But because we had always intended on renting it out. Disappointing as it is sooo nice! So one lucky couple/family get to enjoy our brand new house!


3 Bedroom / 4 bathroom Townhouse with OCEAN and MOUNTAIN views

Fully fitted kitchen with built in appliances
Double glazing throughout
Underground car parking
Washing machine and dryer

Large sun terrace and balconies

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