Saturday, November 14, 2009

To go or stay!

Ok so this is probably a little bit of a follow on from (or perhaps reason why I wrote) the previous blog. But now I can actually talk about what's going on.

So my husband has an interview in Singapore on Friday! There were nearly 1000 applicants for around 20 jobs and at the time we thought he had absolutely no chance. We do have friends that work at this school and put in a good word - so this probably contributed a lot!

But after the initial excitement of going somewhere new and after it sank in and the reality that he wouldn't probably even get an interview, I had resigned myself to staying and was actually hoping he wouldn't get an interview. So typically after we had decided that it was a no go - the next day he gets the offer! So I had mixed feelings of course! BUT now I am actually quite happy to go. There are many benefits of living in Singapore.

1. We will be soo much closer to home - only 7 hr direct flight!!!
2. Huge diverse expat population.
3. Many activities and experiences for kids.
4. Great professional dev opportunities for my husband and myself.
5. I can continue to stay at home with the kids.
6. Still have a housemaid.
7. Great public transport.
8. Easy to travel to other countries.
9. I can continue silversmithing, beading, glass bead making etc
10. Easier for family and friends to come to us!

There are lots more and I could go on and on...

So now here's hoping he has a successful interview and we can plan to move!!! But it won't be until June that we leave here and Aug that we move to Singapore


  1. good luck on moving to singapore :) you will then be just 4 hours drive from where i live ;)

  2. Hi,
    Good luck in Singapore! I loved your blog, I am also living in Muscat and am teaching design at the college. And feeling the same way: to stay or to go?
    It is my (and my husbands) first place as an expat, I always travel but at the end I go back to my home country Turkey, but now I really feel lost sometimes like you (already 5 months here).
    May be we can meet before you leave to chat. I always write Turkish in my blog but I will start an English one as well.
    see you :)