Friday, May 8, 2009

My husband's Trip

Last week my husband went to China for work...

A benefit of the expat lifestyle...well this time for him and somewhat for me - YES he did bring back beads - and I have been TOLD i should be grateful (which I am of course very much so) BUT and yes there is a BUT - this is the 3rd time I have given him a list of things to buy and he didn't get what was on my list. I know it is hard to understand perhaps exactly what I want - but this time I even included photos. I suppose my bias exists as it extends beyond this from presents to simple shopping etc etc - men just don't seem to get it. Oh well we will be in Thailand in a few weeks. BUT I had some custom orders to fill that I needed some items - now my mum has to post them from Australia and that's expensive. On a good note though - I have created some great pieces from some of the beads he did bring back for me and he bought some stunning white jade of which i wish i had more it looks soo good. So thanks very much!

Meanwhile while he was away I had a sick child to deal with (he's hardly ever sick - but this time was probably his worst) and a cranky baby - working full time (took over my husbands job while he was away) and creating jewellery - so by the time he got back I was exhausted. I really do appreciate all that he does and so really miss when he is not around eg. bedtime - trying to get 1 sick boy to sleep who didn't want to leave my side, an upset baby who wanted my comfort too and trying to get ready for bed myself - fun juggling but we did survive. I really feel for all those single mums or dads who have to do it all themselves. Plus I am very privileged to live somewhere where I can have a maid and someone to look after my children at home while I am at work. It really is going to be hard to leave this it makes me wonder - will we ever return to Australia???? NO plans anytime soon.

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