Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Having an 8 month old in the house means that I have a lot of baby food jars. So now I am going to put them to good use and use them to store my silver and beads. Only problem is now I have to remove the sticky labels. Not the most fun job and not the easiest job. I have done a search on the internet on ways to remove them. Most popular seems to be using a hairdryer - but the effort of finding the hairdryer (I don't usually use it), finding an adaptor for the wall (in Oman everything is British plugs - but most of our stuff is Germany, Australia etc.) and then carefully doing each one - well I am going to give it a try anyway...

EEEWWWWW... I just read something about using saliva - now I really think I am going to give the hairdryer a try.

Ok so I tried the hairdryer and persevered - even though it wasn't as good as it was supposed to be. It still left sticky residue on the jars. So then I resorted to nail polish remover to do the final job. Took a lot of elbow grease but eventually I got the job done and the jars are clean. Now to fill them with beads and I certainly have plenty of them.

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  1. Hello. Wanted to thank you for following my blog. Your jewelry is wonderful.
    I hated using the adaptor plugs when I traveled. Blew up the very first one when I went to Ireland.