Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The Mega Crystals of Naica mine!

I just LOOVE minerals and rocks - have been fascinated with them all my life. Probably comes from fossicking in Outback Queensland and Northern Territory, Australia with my parents when I was a child. Digging around in the old mine rock heaps and finding those precious gems! Nothing more than treasured rocks as a child - but now worth soo much more, not to mention the sentimentality. (Even my engagement ring is one of these "rocks"!)
So when I saw this article I was awestruck by the wonders of what our earth can create with a little human intervention!


Note how dangerous it is for these people to enter these caves - not only the threat of being impaled on one of these crystals - but the shear intensity of the heat!

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  1. man!! you gotta be kidding me!!that is MASSIVE!!!