Friday, February 12, 2010

Yobbo Aussies

I hate using this term! BUT I hate it even more that it is actually true. It is a disgrace that people are acting in such stupid and unsafe ways, let alone sending it out for the world to watch on youtube! It really makes me sad that my "home" country and more specifically the area in which I used to live is portrayed in such a way. I loved spending time on Fraser Island when I was younger - it's a pity it is receiving soo much negative media attention of late.

It is an extremely selfish act not only to the other Island users but for the people that are involved in helping should something go wrong - the Island is not connected to mainland. There are limited Emergency Services available on the Island and usually a helicopter must be bought in to take people to hospital. There have been MANY accidents recently on the island due to unsafe driving and lack of knowledge in how to 4wd on sand. People don't think that they need to obey the road rules on the island and disregard the conditions that they are driving in.

See the article below for the full story.

Yobbo Definition: (British slang) A rowdy, a ruffian, a hooligan, a disruptive, annoying young man. (

Fraser Island is definitely one of the world's most beautiful places. It's a pity some "YOBBOS" have to go and ruin this image for others! Not to mention risk other people's lives who are also driving on those beaches.

HOWEVER I would strongly suggest that if you are thinking of visiting Australia then Fraser Island should be on your list of must sees! There are many beautiful parts of the island and some luxury resorts that are "YOBBO" free!

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