Friday, February 6, 2009


I mainly have my childhood and upbringing to thank for my creative abilities. My Nanna and Grandmother both being artistic in different ways - exposed me to a variety of media and techniques. My mother also extremely creative encouraged my abilities and provided me with the necessary materials to "experiment". Being early childhood trained I have developed an awareness and appreciation of the importance of creative exploration - particularly in the early years... I am a strong advocate of "creativity in the classroom"!

In later years my travel throughout many countries of the world has shaped my ideas about creativity and broadened my interests. My move to Oman has enabled me to explore ideas and experiment with materials that I did not imagine possible.

TOP 5 Holidays

1. Gran Canaria
2. Thailand
3. Barcelona
4. Greek Islands
5. Jordan

Travels that have impacted on my creativity - changed my perspective...

1. Venice
2. Paris
3. Oman
4. Dubai
5. Bangkok

Now I start to think about WHY?

For many it was not at the time - it is now that I look back that I realise how much one particular trip impacted on my thinking or ideas. When I sit down now to make something or create - inspiration comes from those experiences.

I almost forgot how important Australia is to me also and how our yearly trips home have certainly changed my style and ideas.

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