Friday, February 6, 2009

MY NEW STUDIO - Taking Shape

Yesterday we started on my new studio. We got a painter in to save us some time. So now the walls are painted. Today we put the underlay down in 1 room. The other will have to wait. (We got sidetracked making the kitchen for Josh.) It's amazing what a little bit of paint and new flooring can do to a room. The rooms looked pretty bad before we started. They were supposed to be maid's quarters. There are 2 rooms and a bathroom. We decided we may as well do both rooms and clean them up. Then I have 2 rooms to set myself up in.

I can't wait to actually get started on making the lampwork beads and silversmithing. I have a few more supplies to get and then I will be organised. I found a great silversmith supply shop in the Souk. When I set out to find something I eventually find it here in Muscat. It may take me ages but I will search the entire city to find what I need.

Once we have done the flooring then we can put my workbench and storage together. Then setup the torch, oxygen and gas. I can't wait.

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