Monday, February 9, 2009

Feel Bad!

Ok so our maid lasted 3 days... It wasn't that she was bad - but she wasn't GOOD either. We did make a mistake though. We thought her english was ok but in the end we spent too long trying to get the message across and we just didn't want to deal with that, let alone our 3 year old son trying to communicate with her. Plus she was very slow at everything. So she spent the entire time getting absolutely no where. Therefore I have had to look after the kids all the time while she worked and my studio has not been touched since the weekend. I feel bad that we had to ask her to leave - she really did have a good situation here and she didn't make it easy for us - she begged me to let her stay. But how can I leave my 2 boys with her and feel completely at ease - I can't. So that's why we have to find someone else.

SOO now we are back to the start again!!! It is not easy to find someone good. Plus our expectations just keep increasing as we gain more experience with what we don't want. I hope we find someone soon cause I really want to get jewellery making...

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